A few months ago, Coates Lane Primary School, Barnoldswick kindly donated some level 2 PPE to Norwest Medical.

As a result, Alex Murphy offered Norwest’s services in return in the form of a visit with an emergency vehicle.

The school subsequently asked if we could support the National Science Week activities by visiting with an ambulance.

This was agreed and on Tuesday 15th March David Shone, Nigel Francis, Sarah Lewis and Hannah Foxcroft attended the school with a fully equipped emergency ambulance and RRV and delivered 5 x 50 minute interactive sessions to all year groups from reception to year 4. The sessions covered demonstrations of ambulance equipment, Zoll, immobilization kit, bandages and dressings and a loading the class teacher onto a stretcher and putting them into the ambulance finished of with the obligatory display of blue lights and sirens. Each session was tailored to the relevant age group for content and interaction.

On Thursday 17th March, David, Nigel and Sarah returned for the morning to deliver another 50 min session to Year 5 and 2 x 60 minute sessions to year 6 which were further tailored on top of the usual content to include hands on training for basic CPR, DRSABC and how to recognize a poorly person and summon help.

Overall, the school was delighted with the visits and the feedback from the children, staff and parents of the children left no doubt that the visits had served a great purpose and left a great impression.

From our perspective, we thoroughly enjoyed delivering the sessions, the attitude and interest levels of both children and staff was fantastic and the whole event was a very successful community engagement.